4 Must-Have Dog Toys for Small Dogs

4 Must-Have Dog Toys for Small Dogs

Is there any greater joy than handing your beloved pooch a brand-new toy and watching them in the corner, happily chewing, throwing and prising it apart? Is there anything more entertaining than throwing them a ball for them to fetch, then watching them return looking totally unwilling to relinquish their grip on the thing? Dog toys for small dogs can differ than those of larger dogs.

Playtime with your Chi pup may seem like nothing more than a carefree, fun-filled pastime for the two of you, however, the real importance of play lies in the development, stimulation and revitalizing effects it can have on your canine.

In this article, we’ll be covering ideas that will help keep your Chihuahua or small dog occupied with fun dog toys and games!

Why are Dog Toys Important?

Any dedicated dog owner understands the importance of providing the best care they possibly can and the importance of encouraging their dogs to fulfil their natural instincts wherever possible. We know that allowing them to play, to bark, to challenge and enjoy free time off the lead are all essential acts that help to create a happy life for them.

A study by Bristol University found that play is a key factor for your dog’s wellbeing. The study of 4,000 dog owners showed that dogs who did not play enough showed signs of behavioral problems such as anxiety and aggression. This lack of play was also linked to more whining, jumping up, pulling on the lead and not coming to their owners called.

Just like humans, all dogs need to engage in fun activities to keep them mentally and physically fit. These benefits include:

  • Combating pet obesity
  • Intentionally prolonged play
  • Increased mental development
  • Improved behavior and obedience

Facts About Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are a particularly small dog breed known for their graceful, charming, and sassy nature. This breed come in two different types, those with long coats and those with smooth coats. They also have very different mixes and cultures. Chihuahuas tend to be mainly indoor dogs that do well in smaller spaces and with children. Because the chihuahua is so small, they do not typically need a great amount of exercise and prefer to curl up and cuddle with their owners. They do, however, love to run and play like any other breed, therefore it is vital that owners continue to engage with and energize their little Chi with plenty of toys and activities.

4 Must-Have Dog Toys for Small Dogs

1. Treats with a Challenge

Give your Chihuahua the gift of an interactive treat and food dispenser ball toy for dogs!

Chihuahuas and other small dogs need plenty of stimulation to keep their brains sane (and your furniture bite-free!). Treat balls are a fantastic way to keep the little one occupied, encouraging them to interact for a tasty incentive!

Most “ball” dog toys are too large for a petite Chi to use, however the ‘Interactive Treat and Food Dispenser Ball Toy’ is the perfect size for their tiny chops! Your Chi will enjoy the challenge of trying to dig out a treat from the ball’s opening and will LOVE the reward it brings!

Create your own Chihuahua games with this treat dispensing toy.

For an added flavor of entertainment for both you and your Chihuahua, you need a toy that truly hits the mark. Treat transmitters and catapult games provide endless hours of fun for the family, throwing delectable treats for your favorite furball to catch and chomp! These games are great for getting your Chi moving and for triggering their natural instincts. The ‘Chihuahua Treat and Food Catapult Game’ comes with an easy-fill clear dispenser and works well with small treats to fire through the barrel!

2. Hide and Seek (Game)

Dog toys for small dogs are not the only way to keep your pooch occupied. Play hide and seek!

Another great way to play with your Chi pup is a classic game of hide and seek! This can be played with multiple people and multiple dogs, or you can play alone with a one-on-one challenge with your furry friend. Simply command your chihuahua to stay in one place (they will need to know this command – so get them trained up for the task!) and then go hide somewhere in your house. Once you are hiding, call their and wait for them to find you!

Hide and seek is a brilliant workout for your dog’s body and mind, and a perfect way to reinforce positive training. It will also stimulate their natural instincts and keep them out of (too much) mischief. Think of the activity as a playful way of making your special bond even tighter.

3. Chew Safe Toys

Collect all 7 of these beautiful Chihuahua toys.

Having a hard time finding durable toys for your power-chewer Chihuahua?

It is a simple fact that dogs just ADORE their stuffed toys! Having something soft and squeaky to nibble on can be so soothing for your chihuahua, while others will spend most of the time trying to figure out how to tear out all that stuffing inside! There are lots of options for stuffed toys: with squeakers or without, different levels of ‘toughness,’ and all manner of fabric textures.

Give your fur baby plenty of fun with gorgeous fleece dog toys that are perfect for surviving the chi’s razor-sharp teeth. Even if yours is a master ‘power chewer’, the ‘Corduroy Pet Chihuahua Toys – Bite Resistant Puppy Chewtoys’ will stand the test of time.

4. The Three Cup Game

A great dog toy for small dogs is simply 3 cups. How? Read on.

This little game has been played by dog owners all around the world and the main objective is to con the player. When you play with your Chi, the result is to provide entertainment and eliminate boredom.

All you need to play is three cups and a small ball. Easy, right? Place the three cups upside down on the floor, take the ball, show your chi and hide it under one cup. Using your hands, pass the cups around in order to mix the arrangement. Once you are sure they will not find it, you can request the pet to point the cup where the ball is. If they point correctly, give them a treat for being such a clever canine!

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are SO many different ways to keep your chi entertained! The important thing is that you are always trying out different toys, treats and activities. The bottom line is that we all need a little playtime in our lives – and your lil chi is no different!

For more great dog toys for small dogs, visit our Toys page here.

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