5 Theories Why My Chihuahua Eats Grass

dog eating grass

“Oh, no! Little Molly is eating grass! Why is she doing that? Is that dangerous? What can I do to stop it?” This is an expected reaction from a Chihuahua parent when their “little Molly” eats grass like a cow. A dog eating grass is weird. Let’s remove all that weirdness by learning why dogs eat grass, what its dangers are, and how to prevent it.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for Dogs? Why yes!

New ice cream for dogs announced!

We all love our pups and want to give them everything we also desire – like yummy treats. Just be careful what you’re letting your pup-friends consume. Companies like Ben & Jerry’s are now providing safe alternatives to share with our fur babies and we’re sure more companies will follow suit.

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