The Chi Society, LLC is a family effort (just take a look at the team) and is based out of South Florida. It was formed during the infamous “quarantine” that took place in the most epic pandemic in our lifetime! With the down time, we decided we wanted to connect with other Chi fans and so the idea of forming a “society” of like-minded fanatics was born.

We source only the best quality products and original clothing designs especially for Chihuahua owners and pet lovers alike! Take a look at our blog as well for tips and great information on caring for your little creature. We welcome ideas on products and blog articles as well – reach out!

Lorena Cooke

I have the honor of being a Chi mom to 2 long-hair Chihuahuas along with 1 token Pomeranian.

Tim Cooke
Chihuahua Support

The typical Chihuahua Dad and supporter of all things Chi!

Sofia Cooke
Public Relations

I know I’m cute and love to get my own way. But I’m also sweet and love to play with other pups!

Cali Cooke
Customer Support

I’m a diva and model extraordinaire. It would be your honor to be in my presence. I’m just sayin’.

Macy Cooke
Token Pomeranian

Even though I’m a Pom, I was the original princess of the family.