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7 Enrichment Activities for Chihuahuas - Fun for Chihuahuas!

Chihuahuas that have fun in their daily routine stay the happiest. That’s why you must allow some fun activities for Chihuahuas every day. But what can Chihuahuas do for fun to make their lives more exciting?

Try different indoor and outdoor activities for Chihuahuas such as walks, doga, massages, puzzles, kayaks, runs, etc. Stick with those activities that your Chihuahua enjoys the most. Get them brain-stimulating toys and allow 30 minutes of exercise per day for better health. 

We have a list of enrichment activities for Chihuahuas that you can try with your little-legged friends. These are safe and friendly for dogs and help in physical and mental development. So, let’s check them out! 

Enrichment Activities for Chihuahuas

Many people complain about yappy and aggressive Chihuahuas. This can usually be due to a lack of exercise and playtime. Allowing a good amount of indoor and outdoor activities for Chihuahuas ensures better mental and physical health, a longer lifespan, and a happy smiling Chihuahua. 

Try out different stimulating activities with your Chihuahua to find the one it enjoys the most. Because a happy Chihuahua means a joyful environment in your house. Let’s look at some of the activities and things Chihuahuas love!

Indoor Activities for Chihuahuas

All these fun activities for Chihuahuas are a must-try!


Belly rubs and scratches – a Chihuahua’s favorite indoor activity! Massaging your Chihuahua in different areas stimulates its brain and the dog even considers it as a form of reward similar to treats. It is an activity approved by the American Kennel Club and Dr. Stanley Coren (Author of the book How To Speak Dog).

But remember:

Not all Chihuahuas love belly rubs. You have to figure out which areas your dog likes to be massaged and respect its boundaries. 

Check out this cute video of a Chihuahua enjoying a massage.


Yoga for dogs or Doga is a great way to bond with your furry buddy. You can either have your pup by your side while doing yoga or guide it through various yoga poses for dogs.

It isn’t only a fun and refreshing activity for Chihuahuas but also a beneficial way to enhance your Chi’s overall fitness. 

You can also take your Chihuahua to special yoga classes with instructors that teach doga. Who knows your Chihuahua might end up making new furry friends or even human ones!


The Chi Society Reels - Keto is playing with his puzzle - one of the many great activities  for Chihuahuas

Get your Chihuahua an interactive treat maze or puzzle. Such puzzles are amusing and exciting for dogs. When the canines solve the puzzles, they collect a treat in the end and we all know that’s exactly what they look forward to! 

The best thing:

Puzzle games enhance your Chihuahua’s brain capacity and improve brain development. Trust us on this one, treat mazes are one of the things Chihuahuas love!

Try out Spot Seek a Treat Flip N Slide Treat Dispenser for Dogs (on Amazon).

DIY Shredding Box

Best believe these small chaotic Chihuahuas love nothing more than shredding a box or paper until it turns into mulch. 

The reason is simple:

They feel a sense of accomplishment and mental stimulation. It satiates their instinct for the wild and shredding various things.

You can easily make a DIY shredding box for your Chihuahua in less than 2 minutes!

All you need is an empty cardboard box, some wasted paper, and dog treats like Zuki’s Mini Naturals Soft Dog Treats (on Amazon).

Here’s what to do:

  • Take an empty cardboard box and make sure it doesn’t have any toxic or sharp material (such as stapler pins or tape) on it.
  • Add some dog treats at the bottom of the box.
  • Take wasted papers and fold them. Place the paper over the treats.
  • Add more dog treats to the paper.
  • Close the box, place it in front of your Chihuahua, and allow it to shred the box until it has taken out all the treats.

Outdoor Activities for Chihuahuas

Park walks, runs, and garden tours – a Chihuahua’s best dream! Here’s how you can make your Chihuahua cheerful with varying outdoor activities!

Fun Walking Game for Chihuahuas

Those tiny Chihuahua legs need exercise to stay in good trim and flexible. We all love taking our dogs on walks, don’t we? And our dogs seem to enjoy these as well. But what will alleviate this experience is playing a simple and fun game with your chihuahua on a walk!

Use different instructions that your Chihuahua recognizes such as run, walk, or sit. 

For example:

When you are walking, say run and start running. Your Chihuahua will most likely start running as well. In a few seconds, say walk, and start walking. Repeat these throughout the walk.

Once your tiny buddy gets used to these commands, you can add more to the game such as walk faster or jump, etc.

Visit a Dog-Friendly Nursery

Taking your Chihuahua to a nursery means a lot of brain stimulation, tail-wagging, and thrilling time for your canine. It is one of the best enrichment activities for Chihuahuas because of the different odors of flowers and trees around the nurseries.

Find a dog-friendly nursery in your area and pay it a visit with your Chi. Make sure to bring a leash with you and let your doggie be amazed by nature’s gifts!

Kayak with Chihuahuas

As Chihuahuas are quite tiny and great at snuggling, they make a competent dog breed for kayaking. It only requires some simple training for your Chihuahua to be suitable for kayaking and it will be a very exciting experience for your dog.

Grab a life jacket such as RC Pet Products Tidal Life Vest Dog Jacket (on Amazon) and hit the waters!

In Closing…

Taking your tiny bundles of happiness for outdoor activities, allowing some playtime, and trying out different bonding exercises with your dog are as important as the amount of food Chihuahuas need. Find enrichment activities for chihuahuas that stimulate their mind and keep their tiny legs in motion. 

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