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So who is The Chi Society and what are we all about? We are a family of die-hard Chihuahua fans from South Florida who decided during the pandemic, to form an organization that would bring Chi fanatics together so we could all nerd out over our favorite breed.

We started off as just our small family, but it quickly grew to include people from around the world! We now have members from all over, and we are always looking for more Chi aficionados to join our ranks!

We officially launched on June 9, 2020 and have been growing ever since. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people think about Chihuahuas and to create a safe space for all Chi lovers, regardless of their experience level.

Meet the Chi Society Executives

The Chi Society is formed by experienced Chihuahuas who know what being a Chihuahua is all about.

Sofia the Chihuahua, Chairman of The Chi Society


Sofia the Chihuahua.

Sofia the Chihuahua, affectionately known as the Chairman of The Chi Society, has made a significant impact in revolutionizing how people see Chihuahuas. Born on February 21, 2014, Sofia’s journey began when she chose her humans at just two months old. Despite a challenging start that landed her in the hospital due to dehydration, Sofia’s resilience and gentle nature shone through.

This docile and fluffy little pup quickly won the hearts of all who met her. Sofia’s mission is to showcase the true essence of Chihuahuas, proving that they have no bad bones in their tiny bodies. With a heart full of love, she adores both humans and dogs, spreading joy wherever she goes.

As the founding member of The Chi Society, Sofia takes on important responsibilities, including smiling, being irresistibly cute, and napping a significant portion of the day. Known for her mastery of the side-eye technique, Sofia has even taught her fellow Chihuahuas this unique trait. She is truly an angel sent from over the rainbow, leaving a lasting impression on all who cross her path.



Cali the Chihuahua.

Cali the Chihuahua, the Vice President of Communications at The Chi Society, has an inspiring story of resilience and sass. Born on March 19, 2016, she found her forever home in June of that year after being rescued from a poorly run breeding facility. Cali’s early experiences left her wary of both humans and dogs, but with time and love, she found her place with her new family.

With her sassy attitude and undeniable charm, Cali quickly won over the hearts of everyone around her. While she may not be fond of other dogs, she tolerates other humans and takes her role at The Chi Society seriously. As the Vice President of Communications, she barks at walkers who pass by her backyard and diligently responds to emails, always keeping her favorite toy close by.

While Cali may self-proclaim herself as the President, her confidence and cuteness make it easy to overlook such claims. She truly believes she runs the entire organization, and her determination to excel in her duties is admirable. With her unique personality and unwavering spirit, Cali brings a touch of sass and joy to The Chi Society and those who are lucky enough to know her.

Keto the Chihuahua, Director of Cuteness of The Chi Society
director of cuteness

director of cuteness

Keto the Chihuahua.

Keto the Chihuahua, the newest member of The Chi Society, has quickly become a sensation both online and in his new role. At just 5 months old, Keto has already overcome numerous challenges to become a beloved figure in the organization.

Rescued from a backyard breeder, Keto arrived at his new home with a host of health issues. Parasites and a weakened immune system had taken a toll on him, resulting in various skin problems. However, with the love and care of his new family, Keto has been steadily recovering and is determined to make the most of his second chance.

Despite his rough start, Keto’s enthusiasm for life is infectious. He adores playing with all types of toys and has made fast friends at his daycare. Through his funny videos and heartwarming antics, he has captured the hearts of millions on social media, who eagerly await each new post.

In his role at The Chi Society, Keto’s main duty is simply being cute and irresistible. And he excels at it effortlessly. His adorable presence brings joy to everyone around him, and his playful nature adds a delightful element to the organization.

However, Keto does have a rebellious side. On occasion, he asserts himself by talking back to his coworkers when things don’t go his way. While mischievous, this feisty spirit only adds to his charm and makes him all the more endearing.

As Keto continues to grow and thrive, it is clear that he is a remarkable addition to The Chi Society. With his resilience, infectious energy, and undeniable cuteness, Keto is set to leave a lasting paw print on the organization and the lives of those who follow his journey.



Macy the Pomeranian.

Macy the Pomeranian, despite not being a Chihuahua, holds a special place as a supporter of The Chi Society. At nearly 16 years old, she is the oldest member of the pack and brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to the organization.

Macy’s days are filled with leisure, as she spends most of her time taking luxurious naps and indulging in delicious meals. As a seasoned veteran, she enjoys the company of the older Chihuahuas at The Chi Society, appreciating their calm and mature demeanor. However, Macy prefers to keep her distance from energetic puppies, as she simply doesn’t have the energy to keep up with their playful antics.

Renowned for her sassiness even as a puppy, Macy has held onto that spirited attitude throughout her life. She maintains her independent nature and can be quite vocal about her preferences. While her role at The Chi Society is primarily one of support from a distance, Macy occasionally makes appearances at meetings or events, adding a touch of veteran charm to the proceedings.

Nevertheless, Macy’s true happiness lies in having her own space and enjoying peaceful moments. She finds contentment in observing and lending her support to The Chi Society from behind the scenes. Her presence serves as a reminder that age is no barrier to making a meaningful impact and that even in quieter ways, individuals can contribute to the greater good.

As she continues to gracefully age, Macy’s role in supporting The Chi Society is invaluable. Her experience, sassy personality, and ability to find joy in the simpler moments make her a beloved member of the organization and a cherished companion to her human family.

Macy the Pomeranian, Supporter of The Chi Society
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