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Different Types of Chihuahuas - Best Chihuahua Breeds

Ever visited a breeder and saw various types of Chihuahuas running around wagging their tail? It can be hard to choose a Chihuahua when you have so many options according to its color, head shape, and coat. But we have made it easier for you!

American Kennel Club recognizes two Chihuahua breeds: smooth-coat Chihuahuas and long-coat Chihuahuas. Non-official types of Chihuahuas are the apple-head Chihuahuas, deer-head Chihuahuas, and pear-head Chihuahuas. All these Chihuahuas almost have the same temperament. 

To best distinguish between different Chihuahuas, you must know about their physical characteristics. That’s why we have a guide about types of Chihuahuas so you can choose the one you like the most. So, let’s get started!

Types of Chihuahuas – All Chihuahua Breeds

We all know that Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed recognized worldwide. But many of you don’t know that there are different types of Chihuahuas according to their coat, head shape, and size.

All the Chihuahua breeds are slightly different from one another. (though all of them are extremely adorable) 

If we talk about the standards of the American Kennel Club for Chihuahuas, there are only two types namely; 

  1. Smooth Coat Chihuahuas
  2. Long Coat Chihuahuas

Let’s learn all about different types of Chihuahuas!

Smooth Coat Chihuahuas

The smooth-coat Chihuahuas (also known as short-haired Chihuahuas) have the following characteristics according to the American Kennel Club:

  • Soft textured coat with close and glossy fur.
  • Ruff around the neck with scanty hair on ears and head.
  • Furry tail
  • Apple-doomed skull
This is a smooth coat Chihahua also known as short hair. It is a type of Chihuahua breed.

Smooth-coat Chihuahuas are easier to keep as pets because they don’t require constant grooming. (unless you hate picking up dog hair constantly) Yes, they do shed a lot though! But you never have to take them to a groomer as their short fur doesn’t need styling.

Well, here’s a catch:

Since smooth-coat chis have less hair on their face and head, they are more prone to sunburn and allergies. 

Smooth-coat Chihuahuas can get chilly in cold climates due to less fur and strive better in warm weather. 

As short-haired Chihuahuas are recognized by AKC, they can participate in dog shows. They are the most common Chihuahua breeds. They are quite playful so you should give them 30 minutes of playtime (exercise) every day. 

Short-haired Chihuahuas come in a variety of colors such as black, white, tan, fawn, etc. The color can be solid, with splashes, or with marks. AKC recognizes all these colors and patterns so you can easily find this Chihuahua breed at a regular breeder.

Long Coat Chihuahuas

The long hair Chihuahua is a type of chihuahua.

The differentiating factor between long-coat Chihuahuas and smooth-coat Chihuahuas is (drum roll please) their coat. What a surprise, right? 

Anyway, according to AKC, long-coat Chihuahuas have the following characteristics:

  • Soft textured coat (can be flat or a little wavy) with an undercoat.
  • Furry and long tails (feather shaped)
  • Fringed ears
  • Less hair on feet but longer hair on hind legs
  • The large ruff around the neck
  • Apple-doomed skull

Long-coat Chihuahuas also come in the same variety of colors and patterns as smooth-coat Chihuahuas. Since long-coat Chihuahuas are recognized by AKC, they can take part in dog shows. But the organization will disqualify any long-coat Chihuahuas with a thin coat.

The long hair of this Chihuahua breed isn’t as long as large dogs. And it takes around 2-3 years for the fur to fully grow. Their fur is medium-sized but it does require grooming. You can use a grooming brush for Chis every other day such as Hartz Groomer’s Deshedding Slicker Dog Brush (on Amazon).

Their temperament resembles smooth-coat Chihuahuas. They’re quite active, energetic, and playful so you will have to make your little furry friend exercise for 30 minutes per day.

One difference between long-coat Chis and smooth-coat Chis is the amount of hair they shed. Surprisingly, long-coat Chis shed less hair than smooth-coat Chis. 

Chihuahua Breeds According to Head Shape

Chihuahuas also come in un-official breeds according to their head shape. These are:

  • Apple Head Chihuahuas
  • Deer Head Chihuahuas
  • Pear Head Chihuahuas

Even though AKC doesn’t recognize Chihuahua breeds based on their head shapes, there are several such types that you commonly see at a breeder. So, let’s learn about them!

Apple Head Chihuahuas

The apple-domed skull is a standard given by AKC for Chihuahuas. So, you can take an apple head Chihuahua to a dog show. It is the official and most common head shape for Chis.

Besides having an apple head, these Chihuahuas have protruding eyes, a large head, and a short muzzle. Many apple head Chihuahuas are born with a hole in their head called molera. It closes up as the Chis grow and isn’t typically a health hazard. Learn more about molera in this video!

Apple head Chihuahua lifespan is a little less (around 10-18 years). And they are susceptible to various dental issues and heart problems.

Deer Head Chihuahuas

Deer head Chihuahuas aren’t officially recognized by AKC so you can’t take them to a dog show. Deer head Chihuahuas are given this name because of their long heads and deer-like long ears. 

They can weigh as much as 10 pounds so they do require a larger bed like Long Rich Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed (on Amazon). (remember that AKC’s standard for Chis is only 6 pounds) One good thing about their larger bodies is less health issues and more confidence. Many pet owners claim that deer head Chis are more confident than other types of Chihuahuas.

Pear Head Chihuahuas

Pear head Chihuahuas have a flat skull and a pear-shaped head (obviously!). They can’t compete in dog shows as their head shape and nose shape (long snout) are different from the standards of AKC. 

The temperament of pear head and deer head chis is similar. Both of them are quite rare and aren’t commonly found at breeders.

Different Colors of Chihuahuas

Different types of Chihuahuas come in different colors. There are 9 standard colors of Chihuahuas according to AKC. These are:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Black and Tan
  • Chocolate and Tan
  • Blue and Tan
  • Fawn and White

All these colors come in different markings. AKC also approves some alternate colors of Chihuahuas.

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